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High Satisfaction Tour '14

We will start touring again this summer. If there is a city or venue you want to see or book us at. E-mail us at TroitEnt@gmail.com

Need Studio Time?

If you live in the DFW area in Texas and need studio time. Check out Troit Ent. Studios. TroitEntStudios.com

The Come Down (Coming This Spring)

The Come down

Currently working on a new project called The Come Down. No official date yet, but it should come out this spring. The new mix-tape “The Come Down” is the part two to the album “Musical Climax”. It’s a chiller vibe mixed with some up tempo songs produce by Dre On The Beat, Wisco Fresher and more.  While I was coming up with ideas for the new project Wisco design the art work for The Come Down. After I seen the art work we came up with the title “The Come Down” because after a climax you come down. So “The Come Down” is just the chiller version of ”Musical Climax” with many hits. So far the featuring artist we have on this project is RachardTheLocal, Dash Jetson, Judge, and Toya. Be on the lookout for The Come Down when it drops. It will be a must have.

Updated on 1/14/14